chasing michelle

oh, and i should also mention. i was chased by melinda’s MONSTER HUGE dogs last weekend.

haha i dont know why i like to blog about embarrassing things that happen to me. maybe it helps me to deal with it better. like you know, that time when i fainted after watching a guy having his throat wound cleaned out. ha ha ha so funny i bet you wont forget that.

anyhow, i made my premature leave from her house to wait for her while she let the dogs out to play. hahaha wtf but i was so dumb, i thought that dogs didnt know how to push the heavy metal gate open. so i left it unlocked for melinda and weijoe to come out later.

so satisfied with my safe spot (standing right outside the gate, of all places) i watched as the dogs ran out from the backyard and into the porch. where they came charging straight for me.

but silly me thought they wouldnt be smart enough to push open the gate, and merely backed away by a few paces.


but the fatter dog got scared so she stayed behind, while the other one ran with full speed after me. omg i was so bloody scared that i blanked out and adhered to my first instinct- which was to run for dear life if something had more legs than you and was chasing you.

i ran for like abit before i heard melinda calling for me to stop running. haha so stupid okay, i freezed at that same moment and shut my eyes so tightly and waited for the dog to pounce on me and eat my brains out for being so dumb to leave the gate unlocked.

but all he did was smell my butt and went back to melinda.

yes, i wish i werent afraid of big dogs that bark loudly. but today amber bit me while i was trying to get her to adjust to her newly cleaned out cage. stupid hamster doesnt know that im putting her back into the SAME cage, just without the smell of her pee and poop. ahh maybe tomorrow i’ll feed her some lettuce (which she absolutely likes, though it gives her diarrhoea and she begins raining poop everywhere) and she will stop trying to bite the hand that feeds her.


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