after much much consideration, and definitely not impulse-buying, i decided to get a dwarf hamster!

shes called amber! after my future daughter’s name. though it is quite disturbing to explain to my future daughter that i had a hamster once with the same name. anyhow, here she is! i caught her just before she went to take a long nap, exhausted from the ardous and rocky journey on the bus home.

zomggg but i spent like $67 on the cage, food, apple-flavoured chewy sticks (which the pet store assistant told me amber would need but she doesnt even give a shit about biting on wood, exactly as i had imagined) and a rust- and leak-resistant water bottle to replace the pathetic one that was given in the cage.

amber had better live for at least 6 months.




initially i wanted to get 2 black female hamsters for $10 each. but the assistant said they’ll need a cage three times the size of the one i bought, otherwise they’d fight and end up with one eyeless and half buttless like my colleague’s hamster did.

so i just got the pretty white dwarf hamster that i always wanted, for $18. maybe i’ll get another one when i have recovered from the shock of spending so much on amber haha.


haha this is the first time i’ve seen a hamster yawn. so cute

amber’s crib




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