blah there is a weirdo who keeps spying on me in the office. he randomly walks over to talk at the most inconvenient times, like when im typing a love sms, or facebooking, or biting my nails, or blowing my nose. and he nearly did walk in on me once, when i was stuffing a new sanitary pad into my jeans pocket before making a trip to the toilet.

today i was bored and helping my mum do up a ‘please close the door after you’ poster which was meant for her office – dont know her reason for calling up at work and delegating work to me when she could have managed the exact same thing with powerpoint.

but anyway, sneaky weirdo was secretely spying on me. later he walked over for another random chat, and asked which door was that poster meant for. thus, leading to my sheepish explanation which implied blatantly that i was not doing office duties at all.

damn kaypohh leh :/

sneaky weirdo also has a way of remembering weird details,
like that i dont like to order drinks at lunch,
or always have only 2 ingredients when i eat 菜饭,
or that my boss likes to drink hot tea with a straw,
or that isnt he a total stalker if not for the fact that he’s quite nice?

anywayy i am being employed for my services less and less because i work at a miracle speed – at least to them. ive been sent home early so many times because i had exhausted mine, and at least half of my bosses’ (x3) duties. not that i dont like going home early, but that means less $$ for me to earn and subsequently, spend.

maybe i should take up a second job as a cashier at cold storage from 6 to 10pm


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