yay im so happy! melinda is coming back with cheap forever 21 clothes from the US that are impossible to locate in Singapore because the forever 21 stores here SUCK! the clothes are bloody strewn all over the place and the sales consist of clothes for obese people.

which means, nobody will be wearing the same thing as me HEE HEE HEE!

but melinda is skinny and i am fat so i better do something about my ballooning weight, otherwise i wont be able to fit into those clothes ):

anyway i feel like slapping myself because today i went into topshop with the goal of buying one turquoise top from the petite range. but but but on the way up the escalator, i saw all the cool ‘TOPSHOP SHOPPER’ cloth totes hanging on the display. and the signboard says that you get one free with a minimum of $60 nett spent. the next time you use the cloth bags instead of their plastic bags when you buy clothes, they will give you 5 bonus points!

so cool right. so i went to buy something else to make it $60. but when i paid, the cashier told me the bags were out of stock.

but how can that be! when i saw at least 20 clean bags hanging on the display!! whats the bloody point of displaying them there and then telling people that they’re out of stock? do they want me to save the environment or not?

such a typical marketing gimmick to trick people like me with weak shopaholic mindsets, i should have known – materialism is indeed the devil!

for better or worse, i decided to stop feeling guilty anymore because tomorrow is monday and i shall spend the next 5 days working my butt off to make up for all the times i have given in to materialism.

which actually, in turn, creates more opportunities for me to give in to materialism – more clothes! more bags! more shoes! another piercing!!


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