my love, my valentine

aww, i miss the good old days in school where valentines day would mean dragging home a whole trolley of roses, geberras, sunflowers and chocolates.

where everyone would be stuffing themselves with brownies and cookies at breaks.

and who could forget, when kenny pretended to be stuck in the toilet while doing a number 2, and all the boys brought up a whole bouquet of roses for everybody.

valentines day in the office isnt too bad at least. i received 3 roses from female colleagues. haha what can i say, even when you go out into the working world, the males dont get any better at being chivalrous gentlemen.

had to spend couple of minutes cutting off thorns from the roses though, because the florist was probably lousy and stupid – who gives thorned roses to people on valentines day?

on a sad note, i am dateless for feb 14th ha!

so tonight it shall be just me, my computer and handsome michael scofield.

you’re all i need,
my love, my valentine.

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