red bikini







the luge was damn damn awesome. we took a skytrain up first and the whole way, i was grabbing on to my havaianas for dear dear life. the entire luge system got stuck along the way- drove my imagination wild about having to leap off into the forest below if things got really desperate. fortunately, we got down safely at the other end, to start the luge-riding!

if only cars were as easy to pick up as luges. it was damn fun speeding down the ramp, pwning mat big big time haha. but it was over in a flash ):

afterwards we went to rent a bike at siloso. gahh, cycling was torturous. havent been on a bike in years, it took a while for me to get the hang of cycling again. nonetheless, when i was finally less wobbly, we managed to cycle from siloso all the way to tanjong and back again. now my entire body is aching, especially my butt.



the great big lizard prowling around the pavements


bought a new bikini for half price and twice the quality as sheer romance’s! also with my newly acquired islander card, its time to hit the beach more often!


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