rich girl

total ang pao collection thus far: $584


and then comes the sudden urge to buy so many things. plus melinda is going to new york! where the clothes that are all ridiculously cheap are all in S sizes -unlike stupid singapore where the clothes that are on sale fit an elephant. anyway i hope she finds nice nice stuff for me and there goes my ang pao money to pay off in US currency.

on the down side, am down with the flu. im on to my third day now, where my nose runs like a tap and i was so desperate for tissue that i had to buy 2 packets from the auntie sitting on the pavement outside paragon for $1. and then when i walked past another auntie sitting just 1 metre away, i found out she sells 3 packets for $1.

hahahah i know, im such a cheapo. tissue paper also must look for bargain.

im awfully tempted to buy a psp too. but i have a strong belief that $350 is better spent on clothes and bags and shoes, rather than on a psp. well, though sometimes when i look longingly at mat’s psp, my mind drifts away from that ideology.

materialism is the devil shall be my new ideology then.

why do we need so many clothes and so many belts and so many shoes? why do we need to spend $350 on a psp when there are free games on facebook like scramble? honestly, the desire for material things is just a phase. yes! materialism is the devil!

um, i think i allowance can be made for a new bag though. yes, one should not use mum’s branded bags and get teased for it by jealous colleagues.


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