family jewels

there is a new guy at the office. i must not be snobbish and try to engage in small talk at lunch. after all, i wouldnt want him to feel the way i did when nobody bothered to make small talk with me.

hoorah! have got myself a free piece of bak kwa from the gay guy in the office. he pranced about and gave out yellow envelopes with a single piece of bak kwa (complimentary from bee cheng hiang) like giving out invitations to his commitment ceremony in amsterdam. and he chose to walk right past my table. after that when he had extra, he came back to toss me the last piece. what a turd.

anyhow, gen, weixin and i were at new york new york yesterday – the first time for the latter 2. i must say the food was surprisingly affordable and extremely filling. really looked forward to the end anyway, when i could go and try the free candy floss. it turned out to be rather hairy, like having santa try to suffocate you with his beard when you’ve been naughty. but when it was inside my mouth, it melted away and tasted like heaven. although i still prefer pasar malam candy floss.

its yet another payday but this time the pay is dreadfully pathetic because of cpf i think. nonetheless it has probably been spent on my hair and clothes already ): which leaves no excess for treating myself.

haha the other interesting thing ive heard this week is about the poor army boy who lost his manhood to a rock wall obstacle course and had to be helicopter evacuated to changi general hospital. but i have already heard too many variations about it, some of which include vivid details about the swelling of his family jewels to 6 times the original size.

on the subject of privates, picutures of handsome edison chen frolicking with various other women were found on the internet. and i always imagined him to be as pure and innocent as he looks ): im taking his posters off my wall tonight.

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