day in numbers

no of times raised eyebrows to make bangs seem longer – 25
no of times realised that one cannot look like received botox injection with bovine hormones from a dodgy plastic surgeon – 25
inches that bangs is away from desired level – 1
times found obsence gaps between bangs that should be hidden away – 19

no of people spotted with boshes – 9
no of people’s boshes that are uglier than mine – 5

no of compliments about bosh – 13
no of compliments about bosh excluding mummy – 9

no of times mat has expressed displeasure about the disturbing uneven-ness of the bosh – 4

no of stabs at dismissing hair colour as unchanged from yesterday’s medium ash brown by secretely jealous ugly bangs colleage – 2
thoughts harboured of pinning ugly bangs colleage to the notice board and have everyone else shoot darts at her for recreation – 10
actual carrying out of plan – 0

chances of triggering the bosh trend in the office -85%


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