bangs and boshes

for starters, i cant imagine how women can tolerate hours and hours in a hairdressing salon. even reading mindless Cosmopolitan and ELLE can be absurdly boring, especially since you have to make sure you dont spend more than 5 seconds on a page that shouts ’10 GREAT WAYS TO TURN HIM ON’

the place we went to was called Formula Cuts or smt like that and its situated on level 5 of far east plaza. the place was so small and squeezy and there were only 4 hairdressers on duty. anyway i was only given like 5 seconds to look at the hair colour chart to decide what i wanted. luckily i did my research, and randomly told the hairdresser ‘uh, medium ash brown?’

and then i told her i wanted the bosh. well i didnt say it exactly like that, but i managed to describe it quite successfully. the bosh is actually the victoria beckham inspired bob. ha ha i know my fashion okay.


k la i thought of just getting bangs for the fun of it. but to be safe, i specifically pointed it out that i wanted it below eyebrow level. and she went on to cut my fringe ABOVE my eyebrows. so now the bosh looks strange with the chinadoll bangs.

bangs, please please grow fasterrrrr!!! i am determined not to be the joke of the century for having disgusting bangs like my colleague!!!

meanwhile, its 100% abstinence from taking pictures or going out in public, at least until my bangs grow to my desired length.

also, after 3 dreadful hours of waiting, i found out that medium ash brown isnt too far away from black. alamak, so my hair looks pretty much the same as before. what a bummer.

perhaps the colour is only supposed to show after a few days or so. i just hope i didnt spend $68 for ugly bangs and black un-dyed hair.

overall, it wasnt so bad maybe. gen’s hair was very nice, plus she cut her fringe short for a change. aiyar next time im going to ask for golden highlights and purple base colour. then i will start buying all my clothes from bugis junction and far east plaza. woah and my ipod will be full of SHE, 5566 and jay chou!

真 cool!


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