medium ash brown

that’s it, its nearing chinese new year, and i have considerably cleared off most of my debt -although im going to keep quiet about oweing my mum $200 plus for the prom dress.

anyway, i was saying, im going to dye my hair!

finally finally i know! so exciting! being the obediently law-abiding student, i have never once tried to alter my natural hair colour. as such, ive lived with a boring jet black tuft of hair on my head for 18 years of my life.

that is about to change right about sunday. so exciting, i cant wait!! i have also recently developed an obsession for observing people’s hair colour on the train or on buses to pick out an ideal colour to suit my hair.

i thought about streaking but right now it might be too drastic of a change, and i might end up looking like the chao ah lian from the office.

i also thought about cutting bangs. but i went to work today and a colleague came in with new bangs, which looked quite gross.

stress la stress, i want to make this perfect and worth my $88! 1 more day to conduct more street-observation research to confirm my desired hair colour.


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