wild wild wet

for starters, wild wild wet is quite overrated. it’s probably half the size of fantasy island (actually i dont quite remember anything about fantasy island because i was pretty young when i went there) and has a limited number of slides to play with.

but it still provided us with a whole afternoon worth of entertainment. i dont mind going back there again haha.

the first slide we took was the ulala slide or whatever dumb pun name it was. haha we were like first to take it. so the slide guy had alot of time to collect pails of water to pour on our heads, for some sadistic pleasure i dont know, before kicking the O shape float down the slide. and bloody hell, i thought it was some joy relaxing slide. kns the moment he kicked us off, the slide went down a super steep slide about 3 metres long. and at that time i wasnt holding on to anything – apparently the slide guy didnt think it was necessary to tell me.

by the grace of gravity, my ass was still safely stuck to the float after 2 steep dips down the slide.

lol halfway through there was this camera to take a surprise and terribly unglam shot of you sliding along. mat wanted to perfect his pose. so we had to take the ride the 2nd time, to locate the camera. and a third time, because it turns out we were posing for the cctv instead (omg imagine the embarrassment when the photo booth lady had to tell us), and a fourth time to take a proper pose.

but the picture was still so unglam cos i am not an anorexic supermodel and like normal people, when i sit down, my belly protrudes out. so paying $7.90 for the photo was not worth it.


the other 2 slides were quite un-thrilling. one was purple and like the black hole at fantasy island, its pitch black inside. haha and i think you are supposed to lie down to reduce the friction. but i didnt know that and i was sitting, so i got stuck along the way and had to push myself down like an idiot. hahah time to lose weight i think.

the other slide is yellow and feels like any normal playground slide but with water.

the only slide i didnt take was the viking. well, its not called the viking but it sure seems like it, because you get to sit on a float and go up and down a U shape ramp. it was so frightening steep that i didnt dare try. boo, im such a wuss for thrill rides.

and theres the skyride which looks like this



haha its quite unnerving sitting so high up and peddling around. but maybe its cos im afraid of heights.

heres the huge children’s playground. quite unsuitable for adults because the slides are so narrow.


haha the yakult pail is damn fun. every 5 minutes, it dumps a gallon’s worth of water on your head. fricking painful but quite funny to wait around for it to happen along with 10 other kids.


there’s also the shiok pool where you fit your butt on a large rubber float and move around the pool like a lazy bum. great for tanning haha.

finally, the tsunami pool, which is my favourite! the place is shaped like a beach and you grab a float and wait around for the waves to come. and the waves are quite enormous so you can ride the waves if you are good enough. but there are like 29817102 lifeguards there cos the pool is pretty deep.

i cant wait to go back again!


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