office bitch

its wednesday and im one day away from my extended weekend, because i took a day off to go wild wild wet on friday! it had better not rain.

otherwise, work is quite boring. i dont have much to do by 1pm and the people in charge spend more time thinking of things to delegate than doing their own work.

imagine, i had to put up chinese new year decorations today.

and its not fun because im quite paranoid about climbing onto my colleagues’ tables just to pin the fire crackers to the wall because

1. my feet my stink and then my feet and i wont be spared from being a lunch time gossip topic for the next few days.

2. when i jump off the table, i might jump onto a rouge staple bullet or worse, an upright thumbtack lying around on the carpet floor. and then i have this whole horrible vision of fainting from the shock and being sent to changi hospital’s A&E. i would definitely make it to the lunch time gossip column for the next few years.

3. i might reach too high and my shirt might be too loose, such that the entire intricate details of my torso will be known to the whole AIG building.

well, and there’s this annoying bitch in my office. i dont like her even though she hasnt quite done anything to me. but everything about her just screams SLAP ME PLEASE.

her voice is too high,

her dress code is too slutty
– who the hell wears leggings a and a tube top to work?

she also has big eyes but draws her eyeliner in some weird cleopatra way that makes her look completely whorish.

shes super cheena but tries so damn hard to slang when she speaks to customers in english.
‘hellooee misterrr leeeem (lim)’ – try saying that but in a chipmunk voice. can you possibly imagine the agony i experience having to audit her calls??

and shes pregnant, with her second child. i cant imagine what her poor daughter must’ve learnt from her. but i wont, because this is getting a little too mean and unprofessional.

but im just a temp right, so who cares.

anyway she and tinman quarelled over going for lunch. tinman wanted to take the 12pm lunch shift because he hadnt had breakfast. but bitchface didnt want to give in, because according to her, her lunchtime is ‘very standard one’. dohhh, so both of them went for lunch at the same time and abandoned the phone lines. and both got screwed by the boss the very next day.

haha and omg i overhead bitchface telling someone else that she thinks she might be expecting a boy because shes getting uglier and uglier day after day. LOL

i have truly entered the world of office politics and very stupid office people.


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