on my knees

this morning i dreamt i was on a sec 4 class camp, and we were waiting for the mrt train. then when we got on the train, we were suddenly seated like on a rollercoaster. and the train was flying about 3 stories above the roads.

must’ve been the trigger to a whole series of events that make up a really blue monday.

1. there was no bus to novena mrt for ages

all the stupid people sitting comfortably in stupid cars and burning stupid oil to push oil prices higher and pollute the environment even more were jamming up the entire stretch of upper thomson road.

if this continues i think im going to have to buy one of those battery-operated flying scooters from the future to get to work.

2. my m)phosis slippers had no grip on its sole

rushing for a train at bishan mrt
+ a whole crowd of other people rushing for the train
+ shoes with no grip
+ smooth concrete tiles

spells major embarrassment.

luckily i manage to land quite glamly on one knee (only!) and got up within the next second and was on my way through the barriers before anyone could register a thing in their heads.

what fast reflex,
i know.

ok la not bad i managed to get to work by 8.55 am. maybe im too kanchiong already haha. but really, i feel alot safer getting to work by 8.45am.

actually, only 2 major things i can really talk about. the rest are teensy work screw-ups that are really negligible. so overall, i guess my monday wasnt so badd.

and dinner was with gen and weixin. like always, so much of fun! it feels good being able to eat sakae sushi and order stuff without feeling too much of a pinch. plus, tomorrow is payday YAY!

bring on the benjamins!
give me the Gs!
dish me the dollar!

ok im running out of them.

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