9 cents

yay its saturday and we decided to reward ourselves with a nice unbudgeted meal at Fin. unfortunately, the promotions there arent as good on weekends. and it wasnt before we had finished our meal and walked past changing appetites – which had an entire set lunch valid on weekends PLUS DESSERT! – that we realised that we hadnt quite maximised our resources.

oh well, and Fin’s $2 a piece oysters were awfully puny and i felt like they were gone in a second. why cant there be only mother oysters breeding in large quantities all over the world?

at the end of everything, we got our bill that reads $39.31 exactly. so we gave the waiter $39.30 because common sense tells you that 1 cents is bloody negligible. but the dumb shit waiter stood there and asked for 1 cent.

and i looked at him and thought, what the POOP? even ntuc, 7 eleven and the mama shop at the void deck rounds down cents. omg you tell me, who keeps a pouch worth of 1 cents to count slowly if their bill comes up to 7 cents??? even the damn cashier doesnt keep 1 cents dammit.

anw the retard asked for 5 cents. and like hell i hate keeping 5 cents because i never knew i’d ever meet anyone as anal as him to want 5 cents. so omg he asked for 10 cents. what a stupid scammer okay im never going back there so long as he is around. where got such thing? paying 9 cents extra to make up for 1 cent? thats like fricking 9 times the original amount.

its really not about the 9 cents, rather, its how can anyone not have the damn sense to ignore a neglible 1 cent? boycott Fin i will!

not like his service also damn good la, he kept lingering around to clear our plates hurridly, and asked whether mat wanted the lunch special of a free flow of beer. zero common sense, some people.

moving on, i have finally decided to ride on the whole leggings trend. omg i am super slow, i know. well i found a pair of comfy leggings for $25 at mango. i know you can get them cheaper if you hunt far east but i need the quality assurance that i dont get holes ripping through my leggings if i bend down to pick up a 1 cent coin on the floor.

and then i bought a long flowy top from topshop. it was the only size 8 left so im quite confident i wont find anyone wearing the same thing as me when i go out.

but but but! when i was paying, i realised the sales person was wearing the exact same top omg. i know its mean, but dont sales people usually only wear disgusting plain tops that no one will ever think about buying? i know the mango sales people do. haha im never going back to marina sq topshop for the next month until the season changes.

more shopping with melinda for tops that go with leggings tml! oh man im going to be brokey soon ):


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