fatties galore

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i went to sentosa today because school has already started and i was really excited about having the whole beach empty to myself. and also then i wouldnt need to blind anyone with my cellulite exposed in a bikini :/

but omgg there were so many ang mohs! and they were all old, obese and red. they were all in bikinis or trucks that exposed and magnified every single glob of cellulite. a group of them even decided to take off their bikini tops to tan their saggy boobs. i swear im going to get conjunctivitis from this.

the ang moh kids were cute though.

however, there was this one kid that was literally a monster. we were sitting in the water playing with seaweed when he threw a huge rock into the water. luckily his aiming sucks, otherwise i wouldve died. and then he ran into the water and started getting onto all fours, making snarling and growling sounds. he really sounded like a dog-cat hybrid. when i asked him if he were a cat, he snarled back and shook his head. when i offered him some seaweed to eat off the palm of my hand, he roared back at me in the most animalistic manner.

crazy can?

his name is philip. and i wouldnt want to have a son like philip, even if he is angmoh.

and along with the ang mohs came the china tourists. omggg the amount of noise they make is more than enough to win the loudest touters at newton food centre. rarhh. disturbing my quiet sunday.

and there were the blangadeshis on lunch break or something. by the time they came, it had started to rain so we got the hell out of siloso beach.

maybe next time i’ll get a nicer tan.

ya la go on gloating. luqman got 2nd for interjc pageant because the votes didnt count for shit. haha but its damn dumb to score 100 points for votes (online + sms), pwning every one else, and not getting 1st. but i suppose, at the end of the day, having a swimmer bod is enough to make up for the sty-lids.


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