i like thursdays

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i like the end of thursdays. cos that means that friday will be here soon and all i ever need to do is to get through another 9 hours plus 2 hours travelling time and THE WEEKEND IS HERE!!!

i love saturdays too. i wish everyday were a saturday.

hahah anyway yooo lozers, i spent 2 entire afternoons voting for luqman at work so now he’s top and your guailan attempts to spam votes will never ever be better than mine! i hope thats bigger motivation for you.

really damn guailan leh! where got people purposely go and read that small little discreet paragraph at the end of a endlessly boring entry on my small little discreet blog and suddenly decide, eh im going to be damn guailan now and for the next few days, im not going eat or sleep, and continue voting until my fingers drop off, and rj boy gets to the top!

too bad swimmer-groupie, looks like your friends got tired, or you did.

today my colleage brought me to this place along the joo chiat stretch, with an entirely halal coffeshop. and zomg the portion of bee hoon goreng is enough to last for 3 meals. the teh cino ice is also damn zomg, but i tastes more milky than teh-y so i didnt finish it. oh dear, suddenly i think my bikini might not fit this weekend after all. haha maybe i’ll be like cassy and wear a sweater everytime she wears something supposedly revealing.

and today my bosses got an email that suggested that there was a screw-up on my end cos some giro forms got lost. but im quite sure its 90% not my fault because its a long story and i dont really want to go into the boring details. nonetheless, i hope it doesnt happen again.

oh well, that day while sleeping over at melinda’s i found out that she wasnt kidding when she said she had an older brother. omg haha i really couldnt believe it even after seeing him and i threatened all sorts of things if she was lying, like having to build the taj mahal with sand. looks like I have to build the taj mahal for her at sentosa because she was telling the truth.

yup, so this ends my boring blog entry. you wouldnt have anything to blog about if all you did everyday was audit 9827510927352 sales calls and put up & remove christmas decorations.


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