boo photobucket

half a months pay of 505 goes right to my account. YES!!

okay, yes. sentosa was so much fun and i would like to blog about it but photobucket is being a real bitch. so maybe another day then.

anyhow i finally decided to buy my first bikini. and because im not that rich, i settled for sheer romance, which isnt so suspiciously second-handed after all. thats cos they only let people try on the tops. so i hope the bottoms are untouched and pure.

i wanted to buy a colourful stripey one but it felt rather flimsy and impossible to keep on if you take a real hard dive into the shallow beaches of sentosa. hahaha it might even drift away if there is a big wave. so nah, i didnt buy it in the end.

35 dollars plus padding! so i wont look like the obscene girl in the change rooms who was showering in the open with her you-know-wheres sticking out cos it was rather cold. yucks.

lol ok i realised i made her sound like a tranny.

well and im also going to my first new years party tml! unaccompanied by any protection, unfortunately. so i should maybe consider wearing bubble wrap so that people who try to grope will get a real shock when either

1. they feel lumps and think that i have some horrible thigh disease that is airbourne, so they will run away from me for the rest of the night.

2. burst the bubble wrap and imagine that they’ve burst my airbourne pus-filled mutated strain of chicken pox, and run away from me for the rest of the night.

haha but dunno where to find so much bubble wrap.

happy new year anyway. my resolutions for 2008 are:

1. be happy on results day. though thats not really an option if i dont see the grades that i expect to get.

2. to fulfil all my other resolutions from previous years, like to stop hunching and cracking my knuckles.

3. stop taking so much leave from my temp job.

4. get to NUS by hook or by crook and do well

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