virgin pair of levis

christmas eve is really a great time to ask for loads of things. and i finally managed to get my very first pair of levis. wah lao you know how happy i am? levis leh… your butt how shapeless also will look like fergie’s in a pair of levis. your legs how fat and stumpy also will look absolutely lengthy in a pair of levis.

too bad i didnt get the skinny ones though. but nvm, one day i will be able to afford my very own. with glitter and fake diamonds cluttered on every single space of my back pockets.

aiyar but i still lose to cassy, cos she has miss sixty jeans. haha nvm nvm, levis first, then miss sixty, then monogram patterned louis vuitton.

omg anw there was this bitch on the train today, who was leaning her entire body on a single handrail in a crowded train. and when my mum was holding on to the railing, she accidently brushed against the bitch’s disgustingly rebonded hair. and the bitch had the damn cheek to turn around to glare at my mum.

yucks. you think everyone want to touch your hair ah? its a fricking handrail, not a body rail. if you want to squash everybody else’s hands with your flabby backside, then dont turn around and glare at anyone who’s hands get cemented in your layers of blubber.

bitch leh.

and omg i cant stand all those (mostly) aunties and uncles who sit on the outer seat of a two seater. so hard to move in meh? not like i wont let you get out like that.

i also cannot stand those people who seat on the outer seat and barely move an inch when you want to get out of the inner seat. then they’ll give you the zzch lizard growl if you knock them while trying to crawl out. backside so heavy cannot stand up ah?

(ok la maybe thats why the aunties and uncles refuse to move in)

even worse. some bastard touched my ass while, at the same time, making it absolutely impossible for me to get out of the inside seat. i sure hope he gets erectile dysfunction, becomes impotent and is irresponsive to viagra for the rest of his life.

yay today is a half day and i get the next 2 days off! im going to drive myself crazy playing prison tycoon all day long. haha its quite fun. except that i have no idea what to do when prisoners escape and my stupid prison keeps exhausting its funds.

merry christmas! i hope you liked my cards, though i know i wont get any back ):


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