im annoyed.

yes. thats it, annoyed.

i spent a long long long long time coiling wires and printing pictures and nailing them to the board with blu-tack. and today they tell me to redo 3/4 of the board cos its not nice enough- the wires arent coiled enough, the board is too cluttered and i have too many moles on my face. omg grrrrr

but mat made my day because he delivered a box of 6 donuts from donut factory ((((: and my colleague was eyeing them. but thats okay, cos she was nice enough to offer me nice maple syrup cookies from muji, although i really wanted more but didnt dare ask in case she thought i was a pig.

monday is a half day (yay) but the dress code is red or green/ red and green. yay now i shall go shopping for some green tights, a nice skanky red tube, elf shoes and a nice star to sit on the top of my head. so pretty, everyone will want to give me presents!


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