slides and expose

haha omg today i went swimming!

come to think of it, i just realised i have no idea what the swimming pool is called. but its in jurong west. so um, with the amount of creativity that singaporeans have, i’ll assume its called jurong west swimming complex.

and that place is streaming with noob kids in bright swim wear that would probably look absolutely obsence to them 5 to 7 years later. hell i’d never make my children wear neon orange diving suits to swimming lessons.

well anw, we spent the first half hour circling round the um wave pool (?) haha i kept half drowning because i was too short to sit on the 0.8m deep pool, and too weak to resist the flow of the water. next time i should rent one of the huge ass floats and float around with my ass sticking right through the donut hole.

then we decided to swim proper at the olympic pool. haha i did a couple of laps and took long periods of rests in between each one to tan. now my shoulders are lobster-red and my cheeks are flushed. yay, i guess? nothing like a healthy tan to look in the pink of health, rather than the pasty colour i used to have from A level mugging and now, my desk-bound office job.

hahaha and the long long long slide!

mat and i had to climb like 3 storeys in order to get to the top of the slide, and wait for 837429014 noob kids in front of us before it was our turn. haha then one by one, we slid down the long long long slide.

it was burning inside cos of the weather. plus, it was damn fast. and the very last part is like fricking rollercoaster-ish, and im really terrified of rollercoasters, even the kiddie ones. so i was going ‘sia laaaaaaa’ the whole way before i crashed into the landing pool and nearly wardrobe-misfunctioned. haha i really doubt that boys in speedos would ever get out of there together with their trunks.

haha 2 times on the long long long slide and my butt started to hurt, so we went to sit at the jacuzzi with the aunties and ah peks.

so fun so fun! though my burnt back stings now and my arms are aching from barely any real swimming.

i smell like chlorine no matter how many times i wash my hands. i wonder how long it takes for chlorine to bleach my hair. haha then i can save up on dye.

blah, back to work.

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