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haha and i spent the entire afternoon printing out xmas pictures on coloured paper and pasting them on the very bare notice board, much to the delight of my colleagues, who all praised my (quite disgusting looking) work of art- but i would like to think that they have good taste haha.

first i collected the paper leaves from everyone with their xmas wishes, then i scotched taped them onto the board. i was so thankful for being 164.5cm tall so that i didnt need to climb my colleague’s table and leave my sweaty footprint there eeeeeeee

and then i added random shiny stickers so that it wouldnt look gross. anyway my tree did turn out to be decently tree-shaped so im quite proud of that.

when everyone else left early for a company dinner, i sneaked over to take a picture of my proud proud work. but as you can see, the picture was slanted upwards cos i was squatting behind the tables so that no one would see me being such a self worshipping idiot haha.

cant believe they paid me 7 an hour to revamp the office’s 2 notice boards for half a day for the next 3 days. fun hor? i feel like being in kindergarten all over again, except that it isnt so torturous to be cutting pictures all the time cos i know im getting paid for it lol.

zomg mango sale + nets card is not the best combination. but i really really want to buy the boob top for $19 (ONLYYY!)

anyhow i submitted my time sheets alr so im going to get paid on the 30th. seems like a long way still. haha im already outspending my earnings. very fun to press my nets number la, cant help it.


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