toned legs

2 hours a day of standing and keeping my balance on jerky train rides have really toned my legs.

today i screwed up at the photocopying machine and wasted alot of paper, include some A3 paper which i had no idea why it was there in the first place. haha but i told no one about it.

zomg when i went to the toilet today, i heard someone puking a whole lot in the next cubicle. and she was completely oblivious to the fact that i had stepped in (quite noisily), and continued her bulimic routine. haha actually she may have been just really sick because she kept turning back to look at me with a real pathetic look when she walked out of the toilet. ugh luckily she doesnt sit next to me.

okay obviously i had nothing to blog about except puking.

omg 2 more days till the weekend, i can hardly wait.

anyway, i have a joke. haha


hahaha piang eh, what a thigh smacker. i shall tell my colleagues and then i’ll be so cool!


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