working is really not fun. some days are alright and others are just really awful.

the work load is fine, really. once you’ve been through the thousand pages of notes and tutorials that you need to finish by a certain deadline in jc, work load is pretty much a breeze. i finish the day’s work by 11 am so i end up doing redundant things for $7 an hour, like making new calanders and filing old stuff. today my boss made me get christmas angel wings and wands from her car cos i was so free. that wasnt really fun, because i ended up having glitter all over my shoes and clothes.

im not being braggy or anything. but i think my boss might get too stressed trying to find stuff for me to do. haha nonetheless im quite an overpaid individual. the only thing stopping me from visiting the toilet every half an hour (like i do in school) is because i dont have the employee’s pass. and i still dont know where the food is in the pantry, or how to make cappucino.

anywayyy today was really nice because i tagged along with the 3 supervisors/bosses and the other temp admin for some grand lunch at paramount hotel. haha i think i wasnt actually meant to be there, since it was a goodbye treat for the temp admin girl who was leaving. but uh, i ended up being invited along to eat the nicest eggtarts ive ever had in my entire life, absolutely fresh sashimi, collagen-rich chili chicken feet, prawn dumping, century egg/fish/chicken porridge, etc etc

wah laooo i ate until my jeans were suffocating my poor tummy. anw lunch was about $20 each and i was so scared and paiseh if i needed to pay cos i only had $6 in my wallet at that time. lol but apparently it was a treat, whether or not it was for me i still dont know. but anyway, i had better work twice as hard to make up for it.

unfortunately, lunch cant be as luxurious everyday. in fact, i expect that i’ll be eating alone quite alot once the temp admin goes away.

the horror, isnt it? eating alone?

in school there are always the same people to hang out with, to queue up for mat food with, to buy teh ping with and even to go toilet with.

in the office, eating alone is unavoidable, and completely loserish. but my tip is, if you want to carry off the i-am-too-cool-to-lunch-with-you attitude, you can

1. buy lousy hawker food, bring back to the office pantry, take up a whole table to yourself and eat. best to bring a book or a cool magazine (woah if you bring TIMES, people sure scared already) to read while eating to show that you dont feel like talking to anyone.

please only read your crumpled free copy of TODAY as a last last last resort. its not cool. and its really not that difficult to bring TIMES to work, is it?

2. eat outside. but the risk is there if you meet some colleagues having lunch in the next table while you have to sit at a table with random uncles smoking or staring lecherously at you.

3. skip lunch and say that you’re on a diet. so glam right.?
then when everyone goes off, you run to the toilet and stuff yourself with a sandwich or something.

4. meet an unemployed friend, who lives nearby, for lunch. apparently thats not an option for me because no one bloody stays at changi road. and besides, the food here sucks.

ok the weekend is here so i will shut up about work. but it does feel great to have the means to spend and not have to ask my mum for money! so go find a job too, unless yours starts in january and you have to go bald for it.


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