prom jitters

gah i realised im not exactly a pro in the area of make up. and i dont exactly trust the professionals to do it for me either because of the simple belief that, there is no effing way for makeup to make you look as gorgeous as angelina jolie, if you dont look anything like her in the first place.

i did try it before, when i had a free voucher. but i ended up having tons of foundation piled on my face and i smelt terribly like it the whole day. needless to say, i looked disgustingly white.

so im going to DIY again like i did at grad night. except now, im really thinking about getting fake lashes, and coloured contacts. but gut tells me its too poseur. i dont know, i just got my ATM card and ive had the urge to swipe it ever since.

haha today i asked weixin if she had hollywood tape that i could borrow, and she said yea. but she handed me a thick roll of 2 dollars double sided tape and told me that its cheaper and works just as well. i trust her definitely. but i just hope the night doesnt end up in the hospital with doctors having to surgically pry apart my dress and me.


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