my first day

my first day was pretty much awful in so many ways, but maybe im exaggerating.

1. the coffee i make sucked, luckily only i have to drink it. i should go look for coffee-making 101 skillz for noobs online.

2. lunchtime was awkward because i didnt know what to say to the bunch of colleagues chattering happily away in chinese. plus, they were all in their 20s to early 40s. and you know how if you arent married or are childless, you might get rather offended if someone asked how old your children are.

and that would probably sound worse in chinese for me.

so i kept my mouth shut and focused on finishing my bee hoon goreng, even though i had barely any appetite from the nervousness.

3. there are millions of instructions to learn in a day and i actually have to pick all this up within 2 days, or get glared at if i screw up and ask too many questions.

4. the huge ass calculator they use feels strangely unfamiliar without the usual scientific functions. i swear, im going to bring a scientific one on monday.

5. i dont have access to the toilet just as yet cos i dont have the employee’s card haha. so my poor admin mentor has to follow me to the loo whenever.

6. the photocopying machine is frightening

7. 9 hours does seem to pass quite slowly if i am alone at my workstation and am completely incapable of socialising, in chinese.

sigh, i almost feel like retiring already.

on the bright side, i made 56 bucks today! haha awesomee, now i can buy a dozen donuts to cheer myself up.

anyway the admin mentor, jasmine, was really patient and nice with babysitting me so i really appreciate it. but when she’s gone next week, im in quite a pile of deep shit.

gen’s mum sent me to work too! which saved me alot of trouble getting lost haha. but i shall be independent from now on, and be early for work.

omg 7 bucks a day better be worth it.

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