got job!

thanks to good old kanebo gen!!!
i got a job at her mum’s office to do administrative work.

on the bright side, it pays 7 an hour zomggg. i bet that pwns everyone else with a holiday job. ha ha ha ill be able to afford my first louis vuitton bag 5 years faster then all of you!

lol jkjk

on the down side,
its all the way at changi,
they want me to start tml,
i only can afford to take half days next mon and tues,
and there goes my blissful vacation of slacking and doing nothing but watching US dramas and getting depressed about being jobless.

so starting tml, im going to be rushing for mrt seats with all the other kiasu office people, being a poor loner at lunch, and sitting my butt at an office chair for 8 hours straight.

now thats abit scary )):


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