bad minton

lol we played badminton today and i must say i really need to do alot more than just random (and useless) leg raisers while watching 24.

nevermind i shall play more in the months of leisure to come.

last night i dreamt i was taking bio paper 4 wtf hahaha. and it was so difficult i distinctly remember waking up trying to do a question which showed a badly taking electron micrograph of a nucleus, and it asked to draw the nucleic acid in the box below. wtf how to do la!

i left the last 3 pages blank, which amounted to about 30 marks plus i guess. then i remember that while they were collecting the papers, jonan was sitting next to me and he gave his usual yea-i-screwed-it-up-even-though-im-getting-4As-in-the-end look, which made me feel a little bit better.

but when we were all walking out of the exam hall, as usual, joel was screaming about the questions he got wrong but he apparently still managed to finished the paper. so i was like,

“wtf but its so hard! and anyway, didnt we already finsh bio already? i swear this is a dream! i thought it was a dream so i didnt really bother to do anymore!! shit omg i screwed it upp!!!”

and i woke up with the sinking feeling of screwing up As, before realising that it was indeed a dream. haha basket.

in the same night, i dreamt i forgot to bring my prom dress to the hotel on prom day and somehow i got kidnapped and held at gunpoint. now i can at least explain that the latter portion came from watching too much 24.

k im still jobless and very very bored at home, with matin gone for sitex ):


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