and the freedom begins

i dreamt last night we had finished A levels already, in great great detail, with melinda throwing me my thumbdrive she was supposed to return to me, and then turning up with red dyed hair hahaha what a sight.

cheers to a couple of weeks of freedom, until i find a job. i need to find a job because i dont want to be broke and living off my parents for the next 6 months. but until now thats going to be a problem because im running out of job options already lol.

time to start searching the online classifieds haha. or just tutor a bunch of noob kids and bluff my way through questions i cant solve.

or um, macdonalds haha but ill definitely get sacked for stealing too many fries on the job.

anyway i decided, i shall tutor sec 3 chem if all else fails. haha time to start reading my brother’s text book and locating an agency.

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