the probability of getting full marks for a 40 MCQ
= binompdf (40, 0.25, 40)
= 8.271 x 10^-25

and that really really felt like the chem MCQ today. i was almost trembling with nervousness for the last half and hour cos i knew i was a goner.

while everyone was discussing the questions after that, i was bloody still trembling because i tyco-ed all of them wrongly. and to be honest, i was very very very sad.

then i realised that maybe it couldnt have been so bad cos my other answers were still ok. nonetheless, the worstest worst MCQ of my life. it might’ve been better if i had just rolled the dice 40 times and went back to check after that.

lol the sunken gallery was a real sight after the paper. there were groups of people looking at a smuggled question paper and groaning at all the mistakes, and people like ronald trotting home happily without a care in the world, and jarrod jumping all over the place and hugging people because it was his last paper. haha ive never seen him this enthusiastic about anything ever.

2 left. time for major pwnage,

if only i would stop staying online till 1 am playing jetman on facebook until i start hallucinating that my screen is moving to the right.


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