3 more to go

7 down, 3 more to go

and 10 annoying exam situations

– sweaty palms. bloody hell why doesnt anyone invent sweat absorbant pens. i would buy them.

– a runny nose

– neighbour with a runny nose and no tissue

– having to display my fugly IC picture. i know i could use my EZlink card but i wanted to be cool haha. anyway im going to make sure i change the picture when i turn 21

– the bad bad urge to pee when you’re 10 minutes into a 3 hour long paper

– ronald blowing something (eraser dust, i would imagine, at the most decent. his nose, at the worse) every 15 minutes behind me

– having to half-raise your hand retardedly while filling in all the details on the cover page

– neighbours who simply have to let the entire row hear that they’re flipping over the page or sliding down their finger over the magazine-feel data booklet to locate a particular half equation

– fantasies of going up onstage next year as the top science student in the middle of an exam

– fantasies of going up onstage next year destroyed after the paper

zomg econs and gp make it to the top 2 most horrid papers, with gp really topping the top of the list. anyhow im awfully glad econs is over, i cant imagine how i’ve managed to sit through all those torturous 1 hour 20 mins lessons twice a week, and pretending to look interested so that i wont get picked on. but i did, and hooray to the end of the worse subject ever, next to chinese and p6 higher chinese.

alright, now to pwn chem and bio.

lol i meant to keep the college papers thing a little secret for my friends and i. but unfortunately word got out and now i face steeper competition pwning bio paper 3. hahahah jk jk anw you can find all the college papers on the intranet under oldham library. but you must figure it out how to dl them on your own, otherwise, too bad so sad! neh neh ni poo poo


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