TCM- terok chinese medicine

now i know why they say what they say about traditional chinese medicine. like i said, my ankle was swollen until it looked like it could burst any moment. so today my parents took me to some ulu TCM clinic that i never knew existed until now.

after hearing all the horror stories about TCM, i felt awfully nervous the moment i hobbled in. and i was greeted by some ratty looking woman, who shrieked in horror at the sight of my swollen foot, before instructing me to take a seat inside the consultation room. after my mum explained my rather embarrassing story of how my ankle has come to be, she took out some frighteningly ancient machine and started explaining in chinese, instructing me to tell her if it feels pain.

haha basket at first i had no idea what she was talking about. so i got my mum to translate, not knowing that the ratty woman could actually understand every single bit of english i spoke
-_- would’ve save most of the trouble wont it.

so anyway that was just the easy part. she did abit of internal vibration, which felt like pins and needles, and abit of light massage, until the monster stormed into the room.

monster is some china woman with (what i was about to find out) monstrous muscle power. she too, shrieked at the sight of my swollen foot, as if it were oozing with disgusting green pus. then she yanked my poor delicate foot over to get a closer look. and i was praying so hard that she wouldnt never touch my leg again.

but she did.

and for the next 15 minutes, i experienced the worst damn pain in my whole life. i was practically gripping onto the bed for my dear life as she yanked and pinched and did whatever nonsense she was doing to my foot. i was quite surprised she didnt manage to break my ankle again.

zomg the whole time i was just wincing and breaking out into cold sweat as i struggled to endure the intense pain of her bull strength.

and if that wasnt enough, she asked whether i was sporty.
and i said, ‘yea i play abit’.

then she commented that my legs dont look like i exercise much, and now that its swollen, it looks like pig’s trotters.

i really had to force a laugh amid the tearing from the pain.
pigs trotters. that is really something hahahaha.

at one point she asked why i was sweating and cold, so i said it was super painful. and she dismissed the excuse as nonsense, proceeding to ask if it could be because i was nervous instead. dohh…

anyway monster was quite nice generally, apart from her blunt comments and her brute force, she bandaged my leg up and told me to rest well. the swelling has reduced quite abit, although now my whole foot has turned a nasty shade of purple- a nice little souvenir of monster’s work.

on the bright side, this gives me good excuse to wear slippers to the library (: the auntie wont dare touch me once she sees my violet foot haha.


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