a series of unfortunate events

and in a series of unfortunate events,
ive sprained my left ankle.

its an embarrasing story- almost ending with me blacking out just like the time i fainted during work attachment programme. so i shall not go into the details.

anyway, its my worst sprain so far, with both my inner and outer ankles swelling to the size of a fricking baseball. now i have a disgusting swollen ankle. and my dad assures me that its not swollen, but rather, i have naturally fat ankles.

yea well how ironic to get a sprained ankle when im supposed to be seated 24/7 and mugging so hard. i really was doing all that. but on one unfortunate day, while on the way home, i tripped. and priack, there goes my ankle.

i miss walking normally. the pain is simply awful. i hope it doesnt distract me in my pursuit for 5As hahaha jk.


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