rubik’s cube

i know i should be spending the 15 minutes here memorising a particular statistic for GP. but just so i feel better about spending that 15 minutes blogging,

the American Michigan University’s Institute of Social Sciences concluded that television violence accounts for 10% of aggressive behavior in young children.

there, i feel a little bit better.

anyway ive been feeling far from better in these few days. first of all, i feel very stupid. and it doesnt help that my brother is spending his post exams period sitting in front of the computer and learning how to crack the rubik’s cube- he managed to do it within a day, and now hes training himself to memorise it and perform it with speed.

i tried it, but i never even made it to completing white face of the cube.
zomgxzx i suckk

and you know the dumb PSLE questions in yesterday’s papers, i could barely do the last 2 without asking my brother- he managed to finish all 3 in less than 5 minutes.

i can just foresee my helluva noob brother getting 6 points next year, and laughing at my face until my ears turn so red, they fall off.

but mainly, i feel stupid because alot of the things im trying so hard to get better at isnt working. suddenly, my maths is going down down the gutters,
my bio is simply not going into my head,
my chem is making my life messed up while trying to recall that benzene carbons are sp2 hybridised,
my gp is beyond repair even after doing 813769107543 compres
and econs, hahahahahaha

so stupid so stupid ):

and im also very sad because tv-links, my only salvation to my sad sad life, has shut down because they finally caught the owner for some illegal distribution thingy. so anywayyy time for me to start bucking up by next week.

im so scared im going to memorise more GP examples now.

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