1 week

As are in a week and i can barely figure out how whether to use a Z or t test. like it bloody matters in life anyway. i dont expect i’ll be giving two flying fus about whether the mean mass of anything has changed, unless i become a fruit seller.

and doing school prelim papers just make me depressed. ironically, it is the rjc papers that give me hope of passing my As, compared to the srjc or yjc ones.

nonetheless i have the comforts of the library to mug in, and after awhile, you always see the same few people:

the bunch of sb2 people who always get guai lan-ed by the dm for studying in a group (which is really a ridiculous thing to be scolded for lol)

the annoying KI idiots who talk bloody hell of alot, and non stop for 2 hours, and never get caught by the teacher on detention duty. zomg i really want to stuff my gc into their mouths if not for the fact that i still need it to do a Z and t test.

the idiots in the corner who find time to play chess despite it being less than 2 weeks away from As.

melinda and wei joe!

oliver, and the random girls that come and large him at his table hahaha.

annoying j1s who play taboo and pictionary, oblivious to everyone else mugging around them.

and the libararian aunties, who are insanely annoying after 545 pm.

study hard! only one week left!


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