i finally found the time to go and visit the nus pharmacy site. and after watching the 10 minute introductory video, im becoming more and more uncertain about whether or not to take up pharmacy. lol if i were them, i’d really scrape the video and hire a bunch of better looking people who speak better engrish if i want to promote the course better.

omg the pharmacists there all look so toot and infatuated with their lecturers. and then they flashed a scene of a toot boy drawing something on a diagram. and the diagram is of a fricking bacteriophage. bloody hell, imagine having to take another horrible module of the disgusting pathogency of bacteria.

i guess it wont be so bad to back out now, since i cant really show them my prelim results slip when i apply, because of miss yeo’s proud conviction that,
‘Michelle will be a successful pharmist

hahaha and i cant imagine how i stupidly dared ronald to stuff 3 crystal jade la mian spoons into his mouth, confident that no human being could possibly do it. so i said i would buy him a drink if he did.

to my horror, he stuffed them all in with absolutely no trouble at all. watch the video here. haha

you can hear kenny at the end going,
OHHH MYYY GAWWWDDD hee hee hee hee hee

and melinda screaming,


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