zomg stalker!

zomgz thank goodness there are only roughly about 1 month left of taking the morning 74. the bus rides are really getting creepier and creepier by the day.

on tuesday, i swear that there were at least 5 other nice empty places on the long chairs (with 2 other empty seats flanking them) to sit on, on the lower deck of 74. and this sec 3 acsi boy had to come on and pick the seat on my left.

and i swear, but for a couple of times, he half got up and inched his butt closer to me. wtf! and thats not all! he started sleeping, and nodding all over me. he should be so so lucky that i have no damn balls to slap him in the face and threaten to rip off his butt if he moves another mm closer.

aiyar talk talk only la hahaha.

on that same bus ride, the fairfield stalker (he really does friendster stalks me and spams me messages, asking for my email. its not that hes ugly. but hes my brother’s age wtf!) came up on the half empty lower deck and sat on my right. oh my god i swear i couldnt have been more pissed by then.

and to put the cherry on top of them,
he had sour milk breath.

and he still bloody has the cheek to send me another message on friendster to ask if i take 74 every morning.

wah lao eh

anyway the ACJC outreach programme made me their bitch, by making me skip GP mock exam (you know how important it is to me) to help out in the touring of a bunch of ij girls coming down to learn more about ACJC. it was really awfully boring and i am sure that writing 10 AQs would have been more productive than walking around doing nothing.

miss yvonne ng came down and she shook my hand, but i dont know if she remembers me. haha after all, i havent done anything significant except to con her into giving me one more mark for bio EOY because i claimed i memorised her notes, and her notes had an error in it, thats why i got the question wrong.

my sec 2 design and tech teacher came down too. and she was gushing about how we look very nice in our ACJC uniforms, before leaning over to ‘tell us a secret’, that her husband was from ACJC. lol wth?!

omg and watching the group of ij girls with un-ironed and creased pinafolds (at one point i really had the urge to help them adjust the back of their uniform) stand up every time some adult walks into the room to chime, ‘goooood mooorrrrnnninggg teeeeaacchhherrrrr’ really does gives me goose bumps.

i was so sure that my face was going to be permanently scarred with goose pimples after they had thoroughly thanked-and-god-blessed all the teachers.

cant bloody believe i used to be damn on about all that. haha


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