3As 1B

and so there were some disppointments and some reliefs during the results collection today. but thankfully, i did alright. although i need to work on a whole lot of things because most of my results are boderline.

first up was econs. and hell! i never expected, at all, to get a B. lol the micro case study was some godlike pwnage paper, with joel getting 25/30 wtf. haha but the 2nd case study was also godlike pwnage, but with most people failing it. anyhow, i dont know how the hell im going to maintain that B grade, because till now, i have no idea what to write exactly for econs essays.

second was gp. and i missed by a mark to get C. so now there’s a stupid ugly D (for Dumb) on my results slip. and my parents wont stop harping over how i refuse to read the papers- it really does bore me, and honestly, i prefer doing happier things like facebooking haha.

third was maths. haha wtf i got 85/100 for paper 1, and then falling all the way to 61/100 for paper 2. how imbalanced. i guess im going to be seeing alot of my GC over the next few weeks.

fourth was bio, which was depressing because i got blasted for paper 2 and barely made the mark for paper 3. so i had a stupid 69 overall, but without the addition of SPA. so with that, it should see me safely to an A.

fifth, chem. haha again, barely scraped past 70 to get an A. i bet my chem teacher is going to come after me anyway, for screwing up paper 3 bigtime.

nonetheless, i have surprisingly already reached my target for the As. which means ive either peaked too soon, or have the potential to get 4As (but im suspecting its the former, after what happened to my chinese As). either way, it sucks because now i have to mug harder than ever before.

and im going to find some way to get my GP up to a B at least. i cant have D for dumb, or C for cowdung on my A level report slip next year.

so i shall stay back till 7 in school more often, mugging in the freezer of a library, and then coming down to stuff myself with the awesome PSG food!!


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