seniors night really costs a bomb -$98 at shangri la, and contrary to the belief that AC kids are rich enough to afford it, it still is a big pinch in the pocket for the majority of us. and as a result, half my classmates are boycotting the event to go do their own thang.

but its quite sad, isnt it, not experiencing your last prom with the rest of the school?

i think its sad.

but i think its even sadder than currently, only mel cassy and i are willing to go for prom. so thats a total permutation of 10P3/10 no of ways we can be seated in a table of 10 hahaha. that should really keep us occupied for the whole 3 hours.

nonetheless, if i do go, im going to make sure that i earn enough money during the december holidays to stitch up the massive hole i’ll be creating in my mummy’s atm machine.

anyhow, prelim results are out tomorrow. omg i can feel my gut shrivelling up at the thought of bursting into tears, like the time during chinese As, because i got a sucky grade.

good luck everybuhdy!


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