yay yay yay new phone

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omg you dont know how ive been dying to be able to say this. haha but guess what, my phone is still not 3G. but who cares?

i got the black version of that phone and it is the BOMB!
haha i downloaded all sorts of stupid games into my phone, like:

– uno challenge lol!

– shrek 3
which melinda had a ball of a time playing and screaming her head off during the 2 hour break today until my battery went totally flat

– ice age 2
abit boring really

– the OC
hahaha its damn dumb. its practically teenage melodrama meets Sims. and you have to fulfill stupid tasks like making Summer Roberts read magazines to update her fashion style so that she can impress Seth. lolwtf

– Sims 2!
which came with the phone, but i prefer playing it on the computer cos i know the hack code for infinite supply of money haha.

– Worms fort
omg this game is ultimate fun. only that i suck at it now. but just you wait..

so far only the battery’s been a bitch,
running like hell every minute.

anyway school today was completely meaningless. we got by the whole day living on just 3 main thoughts:

1. shit i need to study, but its only the first day of school what right?
still can relaxxx
2. piang eh, i havent finished my PQ
3. zzzzzz

im will start studying soon, really.
once i get tired of facebook
and my w580i
i will.


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