post prelims honeymoon

i’d say the september holidays feel just like a honeymoon, if not for the fact that im constantly feeling guilty every time i have fun.

guilty because i know i didnt put in enough effort to get that 293087510 As and i should be working my butt off now if i really want to do better at A levels.

but every time i start to study, i end up thinking about how im really missing out on all the fun i can have now before work officially starts in a few weeks time.

how liddat?

anyway i went to play badminton with mat, mel, wei and joe (haha cassy) on tuesday. it was a ball (cant say cock for the sake of a pun haha) of fun, except that im still quite slow at darting around to return shuttlecocks. luckily i have melinda, who bore the brunt of weijoe’s attempts to pwn her. haha i was standing around for almost half the game to watch the both of them try to kill each other.

still, im aching all over now.
very soon, ill be crying about how i miss compulsory PE in school.

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