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haha actually it kinda felt over since friday already. but you know, for formalities sake.

officially now, or at least for the rest of this week, im excused from any sort of work or thinking unless it has something to do with deciding whether a grey or green top makes cassy look paler. ole!

so i sort of had a celebration by towning with melinda and cassy, after a long long time. of course, we saw quite a number of AC people- not exciting, i say. in fact, we ended up doing a lot of discrete staring and pretending that we were too cool to acknowlege fellow schoolmates.

oh yes, i was buying a 5-inch sausage prata today at GoGo whatever you call it at taka basement. and after i’d paid, the cashier said ‘thank you!’

then as i grabbed my packet to leave, i distinctly heard the cook say,
‘thank you very much! love you!’

but i must’ve been hearing things.

the 5-inch prata sausage tasted damn awesome though! haha cooked with love. you should really try it. and when you do, tell me if hes actually saying love you or see you. meanwhile, i should get a cotton stick to pay a visit to my piling ear wax soon.

alright now im goint to indulge in some scrubs season 1. all i wish for right now is for the stupid getai downstairs to have a power failure and be forced to shut down for the night, and for my mum to stop asking me to go watch the getai with her just because the fat auntie from 881 is hosting it.

or a hugeass thunderstorm would do just fine, really.


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