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haha chem mcqrewed! is all i can say right now.
lets just hope that bio wont be the same.

anywayy i went shopping for cassy’s 18th present on saturday, intending to get a nice top for her. and since she’s always complaining about how unassetless she is, i thought about getting her a boob tube.

haha a boob tube is a tube top that has stretchy crumply cloth around your, um, boob area of course. i couldnt find a picture on google image to illustrate it better because there was more obscene camwhore-cleavage exposing than those that actually fitted. so nevermind.

a boob tube is supposed to create the illusion of having bigger you-know-whats by adding material to the chest area. so something like, everyone else will think you are a B when you’re actually an AA. smart right?

of course, if you are irreparably airport-runway, the boob tube will only make you look like you have lose chest skin. yucks hahahahaha ok pretend i never said that.

well so i found that topshop has a whole range of boob tubes in different colours. but when i tried them on, they were more saggy (DIFFERENT from wrinkly okayy) top than anything. so i had to settle for something else.

besides, experience has taught me, that when you get one of them plain, but easy to match, tops from zara or topshop, chances are, someone else will always be wearing the same damn thing when you go out. and just because they’re wearing a different colour doesnt make it all that better either.

so anyway, i hope she likes the racer i got her.

oh yes muh burfday is totally coming as well! i want new clothes! new clothes! new clothes! new slippers! new shorts! new phone! take your pick, ha ha.

otherwise you can settle for these other alternatives:

1. a birthday kiss
(cheek only if you are a girl, go away if you are a guy)

2. a birthday cake,
but i must be assured that most, if not all of the cake MUST be eaten and not thrown around or smeared on my poor face. and i really dont want to tear my shirt running trying to dodge cake.

3. a birthday hug
see no 1

4. a birthday song
though im sorry if i have to stop you halfway because you’re completely tonedeaf and singing happy birthday to the tune of macarena

5. or the final, and most economical alternative really, a birthday sms. but i promise you i’d appreciate it all the very same! (:



study hard for bio and have fun buffing your nails!


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