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amagaddd i never thought id live to this day when all i have to worry about for the next 5 days are 2 MCQ papers.

hell, every single paper hasnt been that alright. especially maths paper 2. that one is omgwtfGGG

i never felt more pathetic about a math paper before. well actually i have, but i shall exaggerate. wah piangzxzx the pure math part had me skipping like at least 15 marks after the first hour cos i needed to start on stats. and i was thinking that perhaps i might not be able to pass, given that my stats is so bad.

but then i thought-
hey miss yeo hinted that stats would be quite easy. so maybe ill Ace stats and screw pure maths.

basket. i ended up skipping the first question of stats, bull shitting my way through correlation, thought up the stratified sampling method on the spot (HAHA but it was correct!) and was totally pissed by the time i reached the probability question.

bloody hell for the first time i couldnt get the unbiased estimate of population variance. haha i was so so desperate that i teared ):

in conclusion,
screw stats,
screw pure math,
screw A

but all wasnt so bad. except maybe bio paper 3. hahaha wtf:
“List the goals of the Human Genome Project,
and state its benefits to humans.”
-the only damn thing i smartly chose to ignore while mugging for the paper because i thought they wouldnt be crazy enough to dedicate an essay question to it.

well, i thought wrong.

haha and bio paper 2 had that stupid essay question about embryo homology, and all i could remember about that was the disgusting but cute pictures of all the embryos of different species and how i coloured the tortoise embryo’s shell yellow and melinda scolded me for not colouring it green.

okok enough complaining.

but prelims is really all about complaining, isnt it? the past few days have been insane. i found myself thinking about T-DNA just before i fell asleep on the night before bio paper 3. and because i realised i didnt know what T-DNA was, i made sure i spent 10 full seconds recalling bits and pieces of the notes before i was satisfied.

anyway i dont think i’ll get to relax all that much over the weekend either. because i have this ambitious plan to finish up my entire 1000 MCQ with HELPS for both bio and chem. i scheduled 5 topics per day and i only managed to do 3 and a half today ):

oh yes and i’ve had pretty unfortunate encounters with insufferable uncles in this week alone.

first uncle is the cock-eyed sbs bus uncle

i was flagging 74 as it was approaching the bus stop, about 5 m away. which IS the usual distance that you start flagging the bus. so i saw the bus’s left signal light flashing and assumed that it was going to stop. therefore i put down my hand- otherwise so stupid right, you stick you hand out all the way until the bus open the door in front of you?

but turns out, the uncle didnt see me until i put down my hand. so he thought i didnt flag. only when he was about to drive away did i flag again. and when i went up the bus he scolded me for not flagging the bus.

i wanted to argue back, but he was scolding me in chinese so i didnt bother trying to defend myself in stammering, broken chinese.

second uncle is the read-newspaper-on-the-bus uncle
(for the lack of a better term)

if you want to read newspapers on the bus, nvm. but wth, can you not use my lap as part of your newspaper stand?

third uncle is the kiasu-chiongster uncle

i was going up the escalator at boon lay today. and this stupid kanchiong uncle behind me was dying to rush past every single person on the escalator to get onboard the train that wasnt going to depart in another 5 minutes or so.

wtf if you think you need to shove past people,
can you at least say, ‘excuse me?’

piang ehz, this stupid knna-banana uncle shouted, from directly behind me, SIAM LA SIAM!
then he pushed me aside on the effing escalator, right into the person next to me, and making damn sure to step on my slipper so that i cant dodge in time, before giving me one hard shove and rushing into the train, cursing loudly under his rotten breath.

really damn knna-banana.
i was so pissed.

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