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the past week has (thankfully) come and gone by in a flash. i suppose time does pass quite hurridly when you are in a constant rush to mug that 3894730 chapters of econs, bio and math, and do the paper in an insanely short amount of time.

it was quite a mad rush for gp, maths and chem.
amagawd especially chem. im still pretty bummed about not having finished the paper. piangz eh i really couldve finished writing the damned 91509752 equations for the 14 marks organic reactions and pass question 5 without even wasting my time getting the base dissociation question wrong. but there was no bloody time, of course.

no worries man, 90 marks also can get A. all i need to do is to get 41/40 for mcq and 81/80 for paper 2. easy peasy.

econs was rather boring though. haha maybe its because im already resigned to fate that i wont do well anyway. so halfway during the paper i had a bad urge to pee, and had to be escorted to the toilet by miss tan yiwen. lol on the way back she lamented about how there seemed to be more boys having problems controlling their bladder than girls. and it occured to me that she couldve implied that i have a boy’s bladder :/

whatever it is, never go to the toilet, no matter how damn urgent you are, if you need to finish 10 questions in 5 minutes. because the walk to the toilet is dreadfully long- even more so if you have a super full bladder, because then you would have to walk slower.

anyway the past 3 days have been spent cramming the whole core syllabus of bio into my poor brain. i dont know how many neurones have died within the 3 weeks alone from suffering an overstimulation and oversecretion of neurotransmitter substances.

whatever it is, i think its going to take a whole lot more to get that A for bio. perhaps like wearing a wrist guard (like guo xi at the chem paper), or becoming ambidextrous overnight plus possessing the ability to multitask

– imagine being able to write 2 essays at the same time and choosing the best presented one lol

wikid sik ownage!
except for maths la, because you would need to grow an extra hand to press the GC ):

good luck for prelims everybuhdy.

anyway do good luck wishes even work? that day my mum wished me good luck for chem for the first time since finding out the day before that my prelims had already began, and i screwed chem up. haha.


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