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MICHELLE is a hardworking…

-no no no too blatant.

MICHELLE has contributed significantly to the college in..

-shit what did i do?

MICHELLE thirsts for knowledge and continually takes part in enrichment programmes…

-um chem integrative lectures counted or not?

MICHELLE consistently reads beyond the syllabus…

-now if only i cant remember where my 5 kg bio textbook is after i used for training my arm muscles for IPU…

MICHELLE has a cheerful disposition and is willing to assist her friends in any way she can…

-except cleaning their backsides or sitting on bird shit for them.

MICHELLE takes an interest in sports activities, and joined the squash recreational CCA to take up a new sport.

-and slacked off half the trainings sessions because i sarkked at it lol!

writing the SGC is a bitch, isnt it?


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