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much to my dismay, we swapped from handball to hockey for PE today. i cant really say im any better with a stick that with a ball in my hand. though, i can definitely say im much better at it that cassy is, in terms of the number of people she’s capable of injuring.

when we played handball, she was all around the court trying all sorts of underhand, or rather, overhead tactics to grab the ball away from people. once, i had the ball grabbed tightly in my hands, and she came up from behind and tried to snatch it away from me by wrapping her lengthy arms around my neck, choking me in the process.

other times, she’d sneak up on kenny or renard and smack the ball away from their hands.

what stealth.

obviously she’d proven herself today, to be more dangerous with a stick than with her long limbs alone. when we played the 2 vs 3 mini games, she ran in front of me and placed her stick (vertically up) straight in my way just as i was running forward.

and i bloody ran right into her stick.
which hurt alot, by the way.

but if i had been a guy, there would’ve been more than 1 stick getting paralysed in the deadly collision :/

she didnt let kenny off either. she scraped a piece of skin off his thumb (probably) while trying to defend him.

haha but i wasnt any better with the stick either. i whacked simran’s foot full force, because my emo fringe was blocking my vision and her foot looked like the ball for that split second. a tragic split second, definitely. luckily she was alright.

and later i got my revenge when i collided with cassy’s head, again because my emo fringe was obscuring my view.

nonetheless i managed to slip in a couple of tyco goals- random shots taken while peeking through my fringe. so i deserve a pat on the back for that (:

still, i’d stick with ball games, and cassy on the same team as me unless we’re playing stick games.


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