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and its all over ):

and im feeling rather bummed about having to return to my boring mugging life uninterrupted by chionging harry potter from 930 to 11, and the bits of spare time in between lessons, or during lessons itself..

after i had finished the last page, i flipped over and realised that it was bitterly blank. if only i could feel this strongly about isolating and cloning, or the theory of comparative advantage.

now everytime i visit the bathroom, i start thinking about what might happen if i try climbing into the toilet bowl and flushing myself down. but i expect i’ll end up choking the sewage system and pissing the toilet auntie off pretty badly. what a pile of deep shit.

i havent been sleeping all too well either, having weird nightmares that i dont recall the next morning, but certain that they had something to do with harry potter.

and i get the slight feeling that my scar underneath my chin might be prickling at certain points in the day, or slowing morphing into a lightning shape…

haha okok back to damned reality.


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