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yes ive been afk for a very long time, and will be for the next week at least, to finish reading the awesome final book of harry potter.

im up till page 102, and have read about 2 deaths already. though i strongly suspect that one of them doesnt exactly make up the real death count of characters in the book. nonetheless, very anticlimax haha.

and im very sad because the book is so thin ):
stupid jk rowling is slackingzxzx

well but i am guilty of flipping over to the last page the moment i picked up the book on saturday and briefly scanning through the last 4 lines or so. and i realised they were still talking about harry. so thats it then, he didnt die. haha

k i shan’t spoil it any more for you.

anyway we had class phototaking on a wet and cold thursday.

we’d just finished bio CT and realised that we’d possibly screwed it up upon hearing ronald’s (seemingly correct) version of the endosymbiotic theory while trudging across to the sports comm.

so naturally it was quite hard to smile. nonetheless, i managed to plaster a miss personality-worthy smile on my face all through the 6 or more formal and informal shots. im bloody thankful that this year, it was a different photographer from the last. he was super patient and open to all kinds of suggestions for an informal shot. more importantly, he didnt have a bizarre fetish for any strange kawaii poses.

and the 3 hour long econs mock on saturday was rubbish. i spent more time thinking about reading harry potter rather than on the effect of changing exchange rates on Singapore’s economy. haha slurpee is going to drown me with her saliva laughter.

oh and omg i was pretty miffed by the fact that there are still numbskulls around whom, at such a mature age, acts like a 10 year old who refuses to share his colour pencils with other people, because he’s afraid that their drawings might be nicer than his.

since when did essays have bloody copyrights? and if so, perhaps i should pester miss too tomorrow to remove my gp essay from the intranet so that nobody can read it, memorise it, reproduce the exact same copy of it in the A levels, and pwn me for GP.

seriously, wake up your idea la.


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