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i have been quite disconnected from the internet (how pun-y, i know) because of the sudden increase in workload.

bloody hell, after i came back from june holidays i just realised i havent bothered to revise any of maths. haha so now i have to spend at least 3 days a week chionging revision worksheets that i kiasu-ly koped from other people.

i dont understand how miss yeo expects us to get an A for prelims when she doesnt give us shit to practise on. and im not talking about her pseudo timed assignments where she copies some random question on the board and makes us chiong it for 10 minutes, including the time taking to copy down the question.

the revision worksheets i koped are hilarious. they are numbered powers of X, starting from 0. pathetically though, ive only completed X^3 and X^4.

omg ive become a disgusting maths nerd

just last week i discovered that i was drawing too-perfect free hand circles. and it was then that i realised i had been drawing way too many argand diagrams.

the other day i kept hitting the ‘=’ button at the bottom left of my white sharp calculator in an attempt to turn it on. and i realised that i was using too much of the GC.

another time i was drinking teh ping, and i was subconsciously calculating the rate of decrease in volume of teh ping with respect to time, assuming i was sipping at a constant rate of 0.95 cm3 per second.

haha no no
i was joking about the last bit.

well, other than all that, i really cant think of anything interesting to blog about these days. how unfun.


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